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Rectangle Label Templates

Amount of LabelsLabel CodeAvery® CodeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Word DownloadPDF DownloadProduct Link (Matt White)
1LL01L7167 / J8167199.6289.1 LL01 - Word LL01 - PDF1 Rectangle Label
2LL02L7168 / J8168199.6143.5 LL02 - Word LL02 - PDF2 Rectangle Labels
4LL04L7169 / J816999.1139 LL04 - Word LL04 - PDF4 Rectangle Labels
6LL06L7166 / J816699.193.1 LL06 - Word LL06 - PDF6 Rectangle Labels
8LL08L7165 / J816599.167.7 LL08 - Word LL08 - PDF8 Rectangle Labels
10LL10L7173 / J817399.157 LL10 - Word LL10 - PDF10 Rectangle Labels
12LL12L7164 / J816463.572 LL12 - Word LL12 - PDF12 Rectangle Labels
14LL14L7163 / J816399.138.1 LL14 - Word LL14 - PDF14 Rectangle Labels
16LL16L7162 / J816299.134 LL16 - Word LL16 - PDF16 Rectangle Labels
18LL18L7161 / J816163.546.6 LL18 - Word LL18 - PDF18 Rectangle Labels
21LL21L7160 / J816063.538.1 LL21 - Word LL21 - PDF21 Rectangle Labels
24LL24L7159 / J815963.533.9 LL24 - Word LL24 - PDF24 Rectangle Labels
36LL36L76564930 LL36 – Word LL36 – PDF36 Rectangle Labels
40LL40L765445.725.4 LL40 - Word LL40 - PDF40 Rectangle Labels
65LL65L765138.121.2 LL65 - Word LL65 - PDF65 Rectangle Labels
84LL84L47324611.1 LL84 – Word LL84 – PDF84 Rectangle Labels
189LL189J865825.410 LL189 - Word LL189 - PDF189 Rectangle Labels
270LL270J8659 / L473017.810 LL270 - Word LL270 - PDF270 Rectangle Labels

Oval Label Templates

Amount of LabelsWidth (mm)Height (mm)Word DownloadPDF DownloadProduct Link (Matt White)
499134 4 - 99mm x 134mm - Word 4 - 99mm x 134mm - PDF4 Oval Labels
69276 6 - 92mm x 76mm - Word 6 - 92mm x 76mm - PDF6 Oval Labels
105575 10 - 55mm x 75mm - Word 10 - 55mm x 75mm - PDF10 Oval Labels
164870 16 - 48mm x 70mm - Word 16 - 48mm x 70mm - PDF16 Oval Labels
204050 20 - 40mm x 50mm - Word 20 - 40mm x 50mm - PDF20 Oval Labels

Round Label Templates

Amount of LabelsLabel CodeAvery® CodeDiameter (mm)Word DownloadPDF DownloadProduct Link (Matt White)
6LLR88HRR0188 6 - 88mm - Word 6 - 88mm - PDF6 Circle Labels
12LLR63L767063 12 - 63mm - Word 12 - 63mm - PDF12 Circle Labels
15LLR5050 15 - 50mm - Word 15 - 50mm - PDF15 Circle Labels
24LLR45L778045 24 - 45mm - Word 24 - 45mm - PDF24 Circle Labels
35LLR3737 35 - 37mm - Word 35 - 37mm - PDF35 Circle Labels
48LLR3030 48 - 30mm - Word 48 - 30mm - PDF48 Circle Labels
70LLR2525 70 - 25mm - Word 70 - 25mm - PDF70 Circle Labels
117LLR1919 117 - 19mm - Word 117 - 19mm - PDF117 Circle Labels
216LLR1313 216 - 13mm - Word 216 - 13mm - PDF216 Circle Labels

ButtCut Label Templates

Amount of LabelsLabel CodeCompatibility CodeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Word DownloadPDF DownloadProduct Link (Matt White)
1LL01SDPS12102971 Butt Cut Label
2LL02SDPS2210148.52 Butt Cut Labels
3LL03SDPS3219993 Butt Cut Labels
4LL04SDPS4105148.54 Butt Cut Labels
6LL06SDPS6105996 Butt Cut Labels
8LL08SDPS8105748 Butt Cut Labels
10LL10SDPS101055910 Butt Cut Labels
12LL12SDPS1210549.512 Butt Cut Labels
14LL14SDPS1410542.514 Butt Cut Labels
16LL16SDPS161053716 Butt Cut Labels
21LL21SDPS217038.121 Butt Cut Labels
24LL24SDPS24703724 Butt Cut Labels
30LL30SDPS30703030 Butt Cut Labels

Media Label Templates

Amount of LabelsWidth (mm)Height (mm)Word DownloadPDF DownloadProduct Link (Matt White)
2117 (Outer Circle)40 (Inner Circle)N/A CD/DVD – PDFCD / DVD Labels
420060 LA4TV - Word LA4TV - PDFLever Arch Folder Filing Labels
720040 LA7TV - Word LA7TV - PDFLever Arch Folder Filing Labels

Heart Label Templates

Amount of LabelsWidth (mm)Height (mm)Word DownloadPDF DownloadProduct Link (Matt White)
869.369.1 Heart8 - Word Heart8 - PDF8 Heart Labels
126066.6 Heart12 - Word Heart12 - PDF12 Heart Labels
244343 Heart24 - Word Heart24 - PDF24 Heart Labels

Square Label Templates

Amount of LabelsWidth (mm)Height (mm)Word DownloadPDF DownloadProduct Link (Matt White)
12646412 Square Labels
35373735 Square Labels
70252570 Square Labels

Helpful Printing Tips

  • Laser and Inkjet printer have an accuracy of +/- 1mm, so make sure you leave a good margin around your design or text to allow for this.
  • If the print does not line up perfectly, adjust the page margins. This can be done in the ‘Page Settings’ section under the ‘File’ tab.
  • Water in the label adhesive can evaporate when used in hot printers, so we don’t suggest printing the same sheet more than once.
  • Do not put a sheet of labels through the printer with some labels missing. This can cause a paper error in the printer.
  • Always feed your labels in Portrait (narrow edge) as this is the direction of the grain (like wood) and ensures the strength of the label is retained.
  • Laser and inkjet printers do not print right up to the edge of the A4 sheet, so if you have labels with no side border remember that you need to allow 3mm (depending on the printer) as a border.


Software Compatible Reference Codes: Where applicable, our products are the same size format as the Avery product references (e.g. L7160 / J5103 / 3478 or DPS02) as seen in our product listings. These product references are used because they are size formats that are found in most software packages. We list the product references for easy cross referencing with your software. Avery and the Avery product references are the Trade Marks of the Avery Dennison Group. Our products are not made or endorsed by the Avery Dennison Group.

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